Company Information

While we are a multipurpose group, we have made 3D Games our focus.

3D games have a number of important uses when applied to other fields. Game strategy is studied and practicied by the military and other agencies such as NASA. By starting with our 3D games and apps, we are able to build something that is entertaining. Our second focus is online TV and TVIP. IP TV will be the carrier for the wave of the future as we are developing methods in which to transfer photonic data across IP TV.

Our Values
Our studies are involved in the reproduction, measurement and communication of light, sound and color. The 3D imaging systems that we are currently working on will change the way you think about television, driving your car and more. All major TV and computer manufacturers will begin to streamline and make room for photonic 3D projection. The technology will make non contact color digitization possible, plus it will be easily portable.
Customer Service
The FAQ of the Matter is that Service and Repair Manuals for our Product Applications are not available at the present time due to restrictions put upon us by foriegn and domestic groups which are very interested in our technology.
Award Winning
We have been recognized a number of times for our work with 3D Gaming technology as well as with TV online and other related industries.
Global Reach
Konica Minolta made big strides in the development of light monitoring and 3D technology and we are furthering our research in measureing instruments but our sincere focus is to take our new technology into the rest of the world blazingly fast. We do not want to have to wait around to have our technology appear on televisions, 3D games, but we are very much looking forward to photonic animatrons as a very real possibility.
Our gaming technology is currrently proprietary online as we are determining the best course of action.
Our Commitment
We are committed to the advancement of photonic technology and 3D systems.