Our Projects

Project Television
Vivid images from newer television technology is now available for iPad, iPad2, Android Tablets and other mobile devices.  High Definition technology is available for inspection for any of several industries.  There are hundreds of uses for new television, 3D and HD view screens.  The technology is currently being used in dental research, 3D game development, architecture, museums and industrial design.  Scanning services are available from several providers.

Project Software Apps
Research apps are one of the most sought after apps in the scientific community.  These apps are being used for photographic research, restoration of archaeological sites, but most often they are being used to create 3D virtual reality connections.  Mobile apps are being used to analyze 3D data as well as to navigate through 3D environments. You can learn more about apps and read reviews here

Project Industrial Design
Quality assurance and production in industrial design projects can greatly benefit from the use of scanning technology.  Digitizing software lets customers find points within an object and deconstruct them for use in digitization. Optics are an important part in 3D imaging and with cameras and scanning equipment, interchangeable optics increase the depth of the industrial design project.