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The use of 3D modelling software has most frequently been applied to 3D gaming. 

3D services are not limited to 3D gaming though.  These services are applied in all kinds of industries from medical to industrial and other science related endeavors.

3D Model Characters
3D Characters are being developed for use in 3D television to lower the cost of television production by reducing the amount of live actors needed for projects.
The digitizer makes it much faster to create 3D models by creating a construct from a 2D image.
3D Gallery
Check out the gallery of objects that can be created using modern 3D optics and non contact lasers.
Vivid Color
Vivid color when used with 3D objects, becomes part of the importance of the actual object.
Non Contact 3D Laser Technology
Laser Technology in 3D object creation systems are a vital part in the process.
Instruments Systems
Instrument systems are continually checked by quality assurance agents.
Non Contact 3D Laser Technology
   We make Youtube gaming videos using 3d, some examples include How to Play Video Poker
Here you can see some we have made:
  1. Slot Machine this was made using simple software and without 3d, even the games are in 3D in the video
  2. Bet365 Casino  this last one was made for the UK gaming marked