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Is 3D data capturing the beginning of photonic holographic systems?
The application of current 3D capture of visual data has found its way into medicine, entertainment such as TV online and video games as well as other related industries and news sites. When combined with other technologies, the application of 3D digitization is limitless. The next step may very well be the projection of photonic data to create 3D holographic systems with substance. Prototypes are in development and Microsoft and Minolta have already developed some intereting user interfaces.

What are the potential uses for instruments that monitor and project 3D
Konica Minolta is one company that advanced the use of 3D technology with their luminance meters and spectrophotmeters. 3D TV online, holographic user interfaces and other 3D simulations are owed in part to the tools created by Konica Minolta such as incident color meters and UV radiometers. This same technology is also used for medical applications and several companies have improved MRIs in the works using better 3D technology. 3D scanners will allow users to watch movies online with photonic projection, giving the best visual quality seen to date. Good places for info and articles : and for games we recommend 3D gaming